Tomorrow: Yoga as Medicine at TIIH

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Yoga as Medicine Workshops

Mindful_green_round.jpgKnown for its positive impact on overall wellness, yoga can be highly effective in addressing specific health concerns, such as pain, anxiety, diet, and moving through life changes. Join us for this unique series as Maryland’s top teachers present current research and share techniques that promote healing, reduce stress and increase vitality.

Yoga to rebalance your relationship with food

Tuesday, November 4
10 am—4 pm

This program will explore how the ancient art of yoga (meditation, breathwork and postures) can support lasting weight loss, advance physical transformation, and nurture inner peace and emotional healing. You will:

Create a unique and personal plan to serve as tool for managing your relationship with food and your body.

Experience gentle yoga to help to increase body awareness of different feelings and sensations.

Identify where in your body you are holding the most weight and learn through yogic philosophy to understand the source of this heaviness.

Learn healthy cooking habits as they relate to yogic philosophy and practice mindful eating.

Journey through guided visualizing and manifesting exercises, designed to help change the way you experience your body.

Create a personal plan to take away and serve as a tool for managing weight.

CEUs are available for Yoga Alliance members. CEUs for social workers are pending.

Workshop leaders: Nancy McPartland, Mary Spinoso and Bonnie Tarantino


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