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Tomorrow: Yoga as Medicine at TIIH


Yoga as Medicine Workshops

Mindful_green_round.jpgKnown for its positive impact on overall wellness, yoga can be highly effective in addressing specific health concerns, such as pain, anxiety, diet, and moving through life changes. Join us for this unique series as Maryland’s top teachers present current research and share techniques that promote healing, reduce stress and increase vitality.

Yoga to rebalance your relationship with food

Tuesday, November 4
10 am—4 pm

This program will explore how the ancient art of yoga (meditation, breathwork and postures) can support lasting weight loss, advance physical transformation, and nurture inner peace and emotional healing. You will:

Create a unique and personal plan to serve as tool for managing your relationship with food and your body.

Experience gentle yoga to help to increase body awareness of different feelings and sensations.

Identify where in your body you are holding the most weight and learn through yogic philosophy to understand the source of this heaviness.

Learn healthy cooking habits as they relate to yogic philosophy and practice mindful eating.

Journey through guided visualizing and manifesting exercises, designed to help change the way you experience your body.

Create a personal plan to take away and serve as a tool for managing weight.

CEUs are available for Yoga Alliance members. CEUs for social workers are pending.

Workshop leaders: Nancy McPartland, Mary Spinoso and Bonnie Tarantino


Tomorrow at TIIH: Public Reading of Medic Against Bomb


Public Reading of Medic Against Bomb

A Doctor’s Poetry of War

Fred_Foote_round.jpgInstitute Scholar Fred Foote, MD, will deliver a multimedia reading from his newly published book of poetry, Medic Against Bomb. The work was inspired by his encounters with Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as well as his time as a military physician aboard the U.S. Navy Hospital Ship COMFORT during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Winner of the 2013 Grayson Books Poetry prize, Medic Against Bomb also describes the inspiring service of our nation’s military medics and the healing efforts of personnel at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

With readings planned across Maryland, Dr. Foote intends for Medic Against Bomb to familiarize the public with the experiences and needs of Wounded Warriors. Through discussion following each reading, he aims to stimulate the creation of local initiatives that employ the arts and nature to reintegrate and heal Warriors and Veterans.

Medic Against Bomb is available at Amazon and Grayson Books. For more information about the book and related events, visit medicagainstbomb.com.TIIH_FB_10.13.14

Get Smart About Dietary Supplements – Saturday in Harbor East (Register Now!)




Get Smart about Dietary Supplements

A workshop with nutritional research scientist Chris D’Adamo, PhD

Saturday, September 20   •   10 am—2 pm

Let scientific evidence—not marketing claims—be your guide when choosing dietary supplements. This interactive workshop will provide the tools you need to assess product quality and make informed decisions about vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, and other supplement types.

Discover which supplements have the best scientific evidence for supporting general health and wellness, as well as digestion, cognition, joint health, sleep, immunity, and other functions.

Receive an unbiased checklist for selecting supplements.


Learn how to evaluate products and avoid deceptive marketing. Bring supplement packages to analyze during the workshop.

See what supplements to avoid, and find out about potentially dangerous interactions between common medications and supplements.


Learn what medications can deplete important nutrients and how to replenish them.

Get answers to questions about the supplements you’re taking or considering.


Chris D’Adamo, PhD, is a nutritional research scientist with an interest in the synergistic effects of diet, exercise, and genetics on the prevention and treatment of chronic disease.


He received his PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and is currently an Assistant Professor with dual appointments in the Department of Family & Community Medicine and the Department of Epidemiology & Public Health. Dr. D’Adamo serves as the Director of Research at the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine where he is currently running clinical trials assessing the efficacy of dietary supplements.

In addition to his academic experience, D’Adamo is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and a Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant through the International Sports Medicine Association (ISMA). He has also received advanced training in Mind-Body Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine from the Institute for Integrative Health.

Boost Your Brain & Body at TIIH, Next Wednesday in Harbor East

UPDATE:  Please note that the date was corrected from the original post.  The series starts next week, so you have plenty of time to register!


Soul Body Thrive Workshops

Energize, strengthen & nourish your body

Power up your Wednesdays this fall! Each workshop includes:


Soul Body’s famed SB Barre workout to tighten your core and tone your thighs, hips and seat (30 minutes). These ballet barre-inspired, mat-based moves can be modified for every level.

Healthy recipe demos to excite your inner chef and enhance your nutrition IQ (40 minutes).

Tastings, plus recipe cards to take home.


Wednesday, Sept. 10  •  5:30—7pm Brain & Body Boosting Smoothies

Green_smoothie7.jpgAfter an invigorating 30-minute SB Barre workout, enjoy great tasting, nutrient-packed goodness. Featuring green and nut smoothies, this workshop will show you how easy it is to consume super foods, veggies, and healthy protein to support mental focus and physical endurance.