Traffic Jam Jimmy Reports Live From Drive Thru: TV Blooper or Product Placement?

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"Is it too early to get a fish sandwich?"
“Is it too early to get a fish sandwich?”

The meterologist’s toss to the traffic reporter is as familiar as cooking segments to morning newscasts. At one Baltimore station on Thursday, however, Traffic Jam Jimmy was stuck at the drive thru at the opportune moment.

When Fox45’s Candace Dold cuts live to Traffic Jam Jimmy, viewers found the roving traffic watcher at the McDonald’s drive thru ordering a fish sandwich. It may be proof of the Old Bay Filet-O-Fish‘s addictive powers, or maybe Jimmy was just too hungry to go on air.

Either way, it was too early to order a fish sandwich, so he opted for an Egg McMuffin.

“Don’t tell the boss I did this,” he said, tossing back to a laughing Dold.

Turned out, the boss was okay with it. Fox45 posted the video to their YouTube account.


But the move made AdWeek wonder if they didn’t smell something fishy, after all.

As we’ve noticed after watching several more times, there’s an interestingly placed McDonald’s logo or packaging in the back seat. Is Jimmy just a frequent Mickey D’s patron,or is this perhaps a brilliantly disguised ad for McDonald’s fish sandwich?

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