Trees Cleared in North Baltimore for Stony Run Restoration Project

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Baltimore lost a large stand of trees near the Jones Falls Expressway in late 2016 when the Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. cleared land north of Cold Spring Lane to build an electric substation. Now, more trees have been cut down for a separate project off Charles Street just north of Cold Spring Lane.

The property is a formerly wooded tract between Loyola University Maryland at 4501 N. Charles Street and the Evergreen Museum and Library at 4545 N. Charles Street. It’s owned primarily by Johns Hopkins University.

Drivers heading north on Charles Street can see the recent change if they look to the right side of the road, just before passing the gate that leads into Evergreen. On that side, dozens of mature trees have been cleared in a valley below the street level.

Dennis O’Shea, executive director of media relations at Hopkins, said the trees were cleared as part of a municipal contract.

“I’m told that it’s a city project related to restoration of the Stony Run stream system,” he said. “There’s a city sign inside the gate of Evergreen, but we’re going to ask to have it moved outside so it’s clearer to passersby what the project is.”

The sign says the work is related to the “East Stony Run Stream Restoration,” the latest phase of an effort by the city to improve the stream and valley. Repair work, including replacement of sanitary sewer linings, has already been completed on other portions of Stony Run.

The Baltimore City Department of Public Works is leading the project, which is expected to continue until January 2018.

Ed Gunts

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