In With Trees, Out With Concrete in One West Baltimore Area This Summer

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via Blue Water Baltimore

Hundreds of trees are being planted in West Baltimore this summer as part of an effort to put in “green infrastructure.”

According to Blue Water Baltimore, 450 trees are being planted in the Druid Heights area around W. North Ave. Along with the planting, .75 acres of concrete is being removed from the area.

Blue Water Baltimore sought the $300,000 in funding for the effort following last year’s unrest. The organization believes trees are a key to improving environmental quality in the area, as well as providing an attractive canopy. The fact that they’re arriving to provide some summer shade doesn’t hurt, either.

“Our residents love trees and have been waiting a long time for this transformation. These environmental improvements complement our efforts to improve our neighborhood and our residents’ quality of life,” said Roscoe Johnson, Executive Director- Druid Heights Community Development Corporation.

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