Hot House: 506 S. Dallas Street, Baltimore, MD 21231-2815

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Converted brick warehouse, circa 1979. Newly rennovated. 5,452 sq. ft., with large, open-plan, second floor living space. Garage, lounge area and full recording studio on main floor: $549,000



What: Back in 1995, when Brian McTernan bought it, this loft was a windowless warehouse and Harbor East felt “like the wrong side of the tracks.” He was looking for a place to start Salad Days Recording Studio — somewhere inexpensive, where visiting musicians wouldn’t need a car. He knocked some windows into the exterior walls, installed a metal stairway and a second floor, added a skylight and deck, and completely soundproofed a large, multi-room recording studio. He made music at Salad Days, and made money, and lived there for awhile. Then the musicians lived there. Now, it’s for sale — glamorous for sure, but still edgy. Beams and ducts are exposed, walls are mainly plaster board, so that the living space can be reconfigured in a number of ways. Bathrooms are fine, new, but not luxurious.  It has a soaring atrium, gourmet kitchen, and off-street garage parking. Bamboo flooring, central air and heat pump. The recording studio is massively impressive — even (maybe especially) if you know say, less than nothing about recording music.

Where: S. Dallas Street is short and narrow, connecting Eastern Avenue and Fleet Street. If you’re driving east on Eastern Avenue, it’s a right turn just past Caroline Street and just before Bond. It’s one car wide, and not much more. The Eastern Avenue end of S. Dallas Street is pretty barren, but around the corner on Fleet Street, whoa…Harbor East is at your doorstep. Chazz and Pazo, Mac fitness and the Landmark Theatre and more. Load up on carbs at the H&M Bakery Outlet Store on the corner, then run it off on the harbor-side promenade.


Why:  Surprisingly, there aren’t  that many places with this kind of cool in Harbor East. With Exelon coming, demand will be on the rise.

Why Not: No views, except across the street, and some sunshine on the deck. 

Would Suit: Dan Deacon.

NB: Pool table is included.


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