HOT HOUSE: 1023 South Curley Street, Baltimore 21224

An 1880 Federal style townhouse, recently resurrected as a glamorous, industrial style loft space.  6,800 total square feet  (including 2,800 square feet of unfinished garage). Three bedrooms, two and a half baths, with hot tub, roof deck and open fireplace on three levels: $1,100,000.

What: Behind the polished, brick façade of an old Canton townhouse, lies this huge, ultra-hip loft — completely and beautifully finished, with custom designed staircase, flooring, lighting and furniture.  Offered for sale by Drew McQuaid, for whom it was “a batch pad,” this property appeared last August in the Wall Street Journal’s “House of the Day.”  Downstairs at street level is the unfinished garage, which looks like it could hold three cars and then some.   Upstairs is a sleek, confident lair — masculine in feeling, but warm and refined in taste. High-end everything. Steel and concrete furniture, which is more comfortable than it sounds, sets the tone for a cool, laid-back aesthetic. The top floor contains the bedrooms, including a large master bed and groovy bath, as well as the sliding doors that lead to the roof deck and hot tub. Views are nice, especially at night.  Heating is natural gas and solar.

Where: South Curley Street is a quiet side street just off pleasantly bustling O’Donnell Square in Canton. Number 1023 is six blocks south of Patterson Park and three blocks north of the waterfront. It’s a great location — just a dash over to the bank, dry cleaners and a wide range of bars, from the Claddagh to the Elvis Lounge and Looney’s. St. Casimir is your local parish.

Why:  1.  It’s a house  that can easily accommodate your “big” furniture. 2. An historic tax credit makes your taxes a shockingly low $3,775 a year — at least for the next five years (as of 2011).  3. There are just not many properties this stylish in Baltimore.

Why Not: 1. You are intimidated by 20’ ceilings. 2. In a million years, you would never use a  hot tub on a roof.

Would Suit: Daniel Craig.

NB:  You are not really on, or even very near, the water here, which for some people is the appeal of the neighborhood.

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  1. Someone should tell this guy about the idea of sustainability and the problem of the infinite use of resources in a world of finite resources. “One reason societies fail is that their elites are insulated from the true energy costs of their society”. Do today’s financial elites worry at night about energy? No, they jolly well do not. “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed” Jared Diamond

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