Now that the school year is nearly upon us and students begin to think about SAT, ACT, and ISEE exams they also start to think about getting tutoring assistance. There are many options out there, so how do you pick the right one? Like any shopping experience, the consumer is looking for value. How do you define value? Most people say value equals quality divided by price (V=Q/P). We all want value in all of our transactions. Who doesn’t? So, in the world of math test prep services and general math tutoring, how would you go about measuring value? The denominator, price, is easy. It’s how much you are paying for the service. The quality part is harder. How do you define quality with respect to math tutoring? In the end, the quality part is a subjective interpretation of the information the tutor has provided and what you have learned through your research.

At Mathnasium of Roland Park, we offer a few key facts for our customers to factor into their quality evaluation. Consider them when making you quality calculation. Proven Results – Mathnasium publishes annual audited results for students following a standard Mathnasium program. The most recent audit revealed a test increase ranging between 11-34 points over only a three month period.

Frequency of Tutoring – We recommend 10-12 sessions per month, but allow our students to attend every day we are open for the same price. We operate like a gym – you pay a flat fee and use it as much as you want. Like a good workout program, most students attend 2-3 times per week. Curriculum and Materials – Our curriculum covers basic math concepts and ends at the calculus level. It has been developed by our founder, Larry Martinek, over 30 years and is constantly evolving. Our student work library contains over 20,000 problem sets to use to tailor the student’s learning plan to meet their specific needs. Instructor Qualifications – All Mathnasium instructors must pass a rigorous math literacy exam to qualify to work at Mathnasium. Once they pass the exam, they take eight hours of training and provide regular coaching from the Center Director, Jim Trexler.

We believe these quality factors and our philosophy of “work hard, have fun, get better” make us the best value for math tutoring in the greater Baltimore area. When considering our math tutors ask them how they match-up to our quality, then plug in the price and see where the best value is. We are confident it will be Mathnasium of Roland Park.

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