Twenty Percent of Same-Sex Couples in Baltimore Area Raising Children

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When gay marriage is debated, it’s often considered more or less hypothetically — Should one have the right to marry another of the same sex? But to think of it this way obscures the reality that gay men and women are already committing to one another indefinitely, sharing resources, and raising children. The more relevant — and urgent — question is Should gay families be considered families? 

That urgency is underscored by a new study from the Williams Institute that used 2010 U.S. Census data to determine that in six major population hubs across the country at least 20 percent of same-sex couples are raising children, the Baltimore-Towson area among them. Of course, here in Maryland, gay marriage is technically a settled question. Not so for the other five major metropolitan areas, all of which fall within states that have constitutional bans on gay marriage.

So congratulations, Maryland, for recognizing all the families in our state. Michigan, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Utah — let’s get a move on!


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