Two Cruise Passengers Arrested in Baltimore

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It's all fun and games on a cruise ship... until someone gets arrested.
It’s all fun and games on a cruise ship… until someone gets arrested.

The high seas are a lawless place… but not so much the Port of Baltimore, as two cruise ship passengers recently discovered. 

The Baltimore Sun reports that two men on an international cruise with Carnival Pride were arrested when they returned to shore in Baltimore after customs officials discovered that they each had outstanding warrants–one for failure to appear in court on assault charges and the other for contempt of court and theft. (The two cases were unrelated, and the men were traveling with separate groups.)

“The last thing a traveler wants to experience after a pleasant vacation cruise is to be arrested,” Dianna Bowman, the Customs and Border Protection representative who handles the Baltimore Port, told the Sun. That’s an understatement if we’ve ever heard one. The moral of the story? If you’re wanted for a crime, don’t think you can just go off on an international cruise without repercussions.

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