Cypress Branch State Park. Photo via Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Maryland has two new state parks where visitors can hike, fish, and view wildlife. 

Lt. Governor Boyd K. Rutherford joined the Maryland Department of Natural Resources on Friday to open Bohemia River State Park in Cecil County and Cypress Branch State Park in Kent County, in celebration of Earth Day and the end of Maryland State Park Week.

“Bohemia River and Cypress Branch are two great examples of how our state parks provide not only great resources for outdoor recreation, but opportunities to learn about our state’s rich history and develop our local communities,” Rutherford said. 

In the summer of 2017, the state purchased 460 acres outside Chesapeake City in southern Cecil County for the development of Bohemia River State Park. The property includes 225 acres of upland and hydric forest, 60 acres for planned conservation, 29 acres for planned habitat restoration, and 112 acres for agricultural land. 

The park also has 8,600 feet of waterfront along Great Bohemia Creek. In the second phase of park planning, the park will provide access to Great Bohemia Creek and Bohemia River for kayaking and canoeing. 

Cypress Branch State Park, a 314-acre property adjacent to the town of Millington, includes a picnic area and 3-acre fishing pond. Future plans for the park include constructing hiking trails and restoring quail habitat.

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  1. So typical……providing recreation for the public, using the fees collected from the licensing and registration of sportsman’s activities, and then not making any allowances for them to use it.
    Kayaks, and canoe operators pay ZERO fees towards this, but get to reap the benefits, when the state has reneged on their commitment to provide access, and parking on the parcels from Chesapeake paper and pulp co.

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