Sportswear firm Under Armour has announced plans to double the size of its Locust Point headquarters. The proposed expansion (which adds 400,000 square feet of office space and 50,000 square feet of retail space) would facilitate further growth for a company that thus far has managed not only to survive the recession, but to thrive in it.

But residents of the sort-of-hidden-away-but-prime-for-development-I-mean-c’mon-it’s-right-on-the-water-what-do-you-expect peninsular neighborhood are wary of how the expansion might change life in the neighborhood. They fear development creating visual obstructions and an influx of new businesses that might edge out the old ones.

Community members have even created a task force to work with Under Armour and voice their concerns throughout the development process.

In a time of high unemployment and economic uncertainty, you’ve got to respect the farsightedness of a neighborhood that refuses to sell out their values to the promise of more jobs.

One reply on “Under Armour Doubles Up in Locust Point”

  1. I lived in Locust Point from 1994-2004 and went through much of the growing pains associated with Struever Bros and Tide Point. Many, many promises were made to the community, but few were kept. The people who worked at TP could have cared less about the neighborhood and raced through the narrow streets. The whole feeling of the neighborhood changed and it became the hot place to live, with people renovating old houses, regardless of the effects on the neighbors. There was such callous disregard of the people who’d lived there for generations. I am just not sure what effect adding 400k sf will have on this small neighborhood, bordered on three sides by water.

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