Under Armour Outfits Batman (Kind Of)

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If you know any comic nerds, fourteen year old boys, or twenty-seven year old boys — sorry, I mean men! — you probably know someone who is eagerly anticipating The Dark Knight Rises, the new Batman movie that opens tomorrow. When you go see it, keep an eye out for the Gotham Rogues, the fictional football team that features prominently in the film. They look pretty good, right?

No wonder, since Baltimore’s Under Armour was charged with outfitting the team. If you’re devoted enough to want to dress like a Rogue yourself, UA is capitalizing on its costumes by selling official “Gotham City Rogues Football Club” tshirts ($39.99), varsity jackets ($299.99), and other merch.

As the Baltimore Sun points out, the team’s bright yellow and black color scheme looks suspiciously similar to another villainous (but non-fictional) team from Pittsburgh. We like to think that this is a private joke between Under Armour and the city of Baltimore. After all, have you watched the trailer? The team doesn’t exactly end up winning the Super Bowl, is all we’re saying.

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