Under Armour SWAT Raid, Reports of Shooter Were “A Mistake”

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If you were on Twitter last night at around 5pm, you might have noticed a bunch of vague and troubling reports that Under Armour’s Locust Point headquarters were under lockdown. Unconfirmed reports of a shooter brought SWAT Teams in full riot gear to the UA building, and several South Baltimore streets were shut down for hours. Panic and speculation were rampant; was Locust Point going to be the site of the next massive public shooting? (Spoiler alert:  No.)

The culprit? A prank caller, according to Baltimore Police. “We’re going to make sure somebody goes to jail,” BPD spokesman  Eric Kowalczyk told the Sun. “This call put lives at risk.” While I imagine that police feel a little silly about the non-event, this sort of outcome is clearly preferable to one in which the reports of shooting turned out to be true. Now, how about these reports of a loose lion stalking the streets of the city?

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