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Under Armour SWAT Raid, Reports of Shooter Were “A Mistake”



If you were on Twitter last night at around 5pm, you might have noticed a bunch of vague and troubling reports that Under Armour’s Locust Point headquarters were under lockdown. Unconfirmed reports of a shooter brought SWAT Teams in full riot gear to the UA building, and several South Baltimore streets were shut down for hours. Panic and speculation were rampant; was Locust Point going to be the site of the next massive public shooting? (Spoiler alert:  No.)

Baltimore Blogger Webcasts his Standoff with SWAT Team


On Saturday night, Frank James MacArthur, author of the Baltimore Spectator and “Baltimore’s premier independent crime correspondent and street reporter” (well, according to his own blog), barricaded himself in his home as a SWAT team stood outside, ready to bust in. And, in true blogger form, MacArthur live-broadcasted the whole incident — the negotiations with the tactical team, his own claims that the police were sure to kill him, and his eventual surrender.