Unemployment in Maryland Down to 6.7%!

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I was this close to placing a celebratory curse word at the end of that headline. The statewide jobless rate continues to fall, with a new study counting 14,000 new jobs in October — Maryland’s biggest one-month gain in 16 years! The boon pulverizes the unemployment rate, moving from a decent 6.9 percent to a pretty good 6.7. (And it’s not like it’s a competition but we’re way ahead of the national average of 7.9 percent.)

According to Baltimore Business Journal the largest increases came in the areas of business and professional services, trade/transportation/warehousing/utilities (or “T-TWU” for short), leisure and hospitality, education, and healthcare.

And apparently, we’ve now recovered 85 percent of the jobs lost during the recession. But with over 200,000 still looking for work in the state, we’ve got plenty further to go.

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