Union Craft Brewing new IPA G.O.A.T. Photo courtesy of Union Craft Brewery.

Baltimore-based brewery Union Craft Brewing is introducing a brand new IPA in honor of Super Bowl champion Ravens safety and NFL Hall of Famer Ed Reed. 

The new brew, “G.O.A.T” (Greatest of All Time), is named after Reed’s nickname coined by NFL fans as a result of his exceptional football career.

The light-amber ale is soft bodied, mildly bitter and filled with fruity hop flavors of white grape and fresh squeezed orange juice. 

Customers can find G.O.A.T. in pints and 6-pack packages at the brewery or local spirits stores in Maryland and Washington D.C. 

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the new IPA will be donated to the Ed Reed Foundation. 

The foundation uses athletic programs to inspire at-risk youth “founded in mentorship, leadership, and exposure to new environments.”

For more information on the Ed Reed Foundation visit www.edreedfoundation.org.

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