University of Maryland Might Let You Buy Beer at Terps Games Next Season

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Even though alcohol isn’t sold at Terps games, Maryland fans still find a way to get drunk — whether by way of tailgate or a little nip. In a break with this storied tradition, the university administration may be ready to meet the fans halfway.

A proposal has been on the table University of Maryland President Wallace Loh issued a statement this week that appears to say alcohol sales will be allowed at campus sports arenas, starting in the fall. That would be big for fans, but it’s not a done deal, yet.

Later in the statement, Loh said he is seeking “additional community input” on the decision through April 24.

If sales are allowed, there’s likely to be a limit on how many drinks fans can purchase at once, and a cutoff time for sales at the midway point of the second half.

Any income would go to “campus-wide student support activities such as mental health services, responsible drinking initiatives and diversity training,” Loh said.


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