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Everyone’s Talking About Under Armour’s ‘Rule Yourself’ Campaign



Under Armour’s creative advertising team is at it again.  The local sportswear behemoth’s latest ad to attract buzz features the USA Women’s Gymnastics team and is part of the ‘Rule Yourself’ campaign.

The advertisement recognizes the tireless training and hard work of the young women of the US gymnastics team and shows the extraordinary strength needed to compete at the level of the world-class athletes. “It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light,” reads the tagline at the end of the commercial.

Under Armour Seeks to Transform the University of Maryland



Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank graduated from the University of Maryland not too many years ago–and now that Plank is at the helm of the world’s second-largest athletic apparel company, he’s found new ways to give back to his alma mater.

University of Maryland Might Let You Buy Beer at Terps Games Next Season



Even though alcohol isn’t sold at Terps games, Maryland fans still find a way to get drunk — whether by way of tailgate or a little nip. In a break with this storied tradition, the university administration may be ready to meet the fans halfway.

The Dark Side of Youth Sports

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By now, you’ve probably seen the ugly email thread from the coach of a D.C.-area middle school summer lacrosse team. In case you’ve missed it,  the guy unleashes a ridiculous diatribe on a player’s father when he learns of the player’s decision to quit the team. Here are some of the highlights—or rather, lowlights—of the desperate lashing, posted on Deadspin:

“What? Is this a joke? This will be a decision that Ryan regrets for a long time. I doubt it is his decision though. I know it is you trying but failing to control the situation. I will speak to coach Bordley and college coaches immediately and make sure they know they are getting a quitter who is ungrateful and soft who can’t take criticism. You have taken advantage of me and madlax and now you are doing a huge disservice to your son…” 

While the email reveals the coach’s desperation, it also shows how manipulative he is. Clearly, he knows how to hurt the player’s parent. Going right for the jugular, he threatens to derail the future lacrosse career of the parent’s adolescent son.

For scores of today’s youth sports players, their parents, and their coaches, that pie-in-the-sky goal is what it all boils down to. Never mind that fewer than two percent of high school varsity athletes gets an athletic college scholarship, and that less than five percent of high school athletes plays an intercollegiate sport in college, reports Mark Hyman, a Baltimore-based journalist and educator who’s written three books about kids and sports, including Until It Hurts: America’s Obsession with Youth Sports and How It Harms Our Kids.

“Many of us are chasing that dream. It’s absurd,” Hyman said.

Towson Cheerleaders Appeal Unprecedented Suspension for Hazing



Jim Lord, executive director of a national cheerleading group, has never heard of an entire cheerleading team being suspended at once. But that’s what happened last week at Towson University.

After an investigation into allegations of hazing — the school won’t say what exactly is alleged to have occurred or how many were involved — the entire squad of more than 30 cheerleaders has been banned from competing, cheering at games, or participating in “any Towson University related activities” for a year.

Lacrosse Early Recruiting Has Players Committing to Colleges in Ninth Grade


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We’ve been hearing rumblings for the past few months about early lacrosse recruiting at Baltimore area high schools, sometimes as early at the ninth grade.  Now the Washington Post is reporting the same trend in the DC suburban private school community, too.  Parents and fans are asking: Isn’t it a little much?

“I can maybe see [early recruiting] in the sports in which the professionals are paid tens of millions of dollars — lacrosse doesn’t have that,” US Lacrosse President Steve Stenersen says in the article. “To what end are we creating this culture of pressure on younger and younger kids to make a college decision?”

What do you think?  How early is too early to recruit for lacrosse, or any college sport for that matter?

Read High School Lacrosse faces Challenging New Reality With Early Recruiting at washingtonpost.com


The New York Times Swoons Over Loyola’s Lacrosse Team



Little Loyola (4,000 students!) won big last year, taking home the NCAA Division I men’s lacrosse championship trophy — and now, nearly 9 months later, the New York Times is sitting up and paying attention.

Historical Basketball Match-Up Today Between St. Tim’s and BMS


This afternoon, when Bryn Mawr’s Varsity basketball team travels to St. Timothy’s day and boarding school to take on their varsity squad, both teams will be doing more than shooting hoops: they’ll be making history. Today marks the 111th such game between the two teams.

The Homework Hassle: Too Much of a Good Thing?

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It was a picture-perfect evening. The humidity had finally dissipated, leaving us with air that could almost be called crisp. To the west, the sky was turning shades of orange and gold as the sun began its descent. Somewhere nearby, little kids laughed and screamed as they played chase before their parents chased them inside for the night.

Inside, my 11-year-old daughter experienced none of it. She sat, hunched over at the kitchen counter, school books splayed in front of her, her hand holding up her head. It wasn’t long before her fatigue and frustration gave way to whimpering and a full-on meltdown—ostensibly over a single homework assignment but more likely due to the breaking point brought on by sheer exhaustion that comes after a long day of school followed by a seemingly longer evening of homework. Ah, welcome to the start of another school year.