Verdict in Goodson Trial Set for Thursday

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Officer Caesar Goodson
Officer Caesar Goodson

The next verdict in a case related to Freddie Gray’s death is set for Thursday.

Judge Barry Williams said that’s when he will rule on the charges against Caesar Goodson. The Baltimore officer, who was the driver of the van where Gray is believed to have been fatally injured, is facing the stiffest charges of any of the six officers charged in the case. Among them is second degree depraved heart murder, marking the only time in the case a ruling will be issued on a homicide charge.

During closing arguments in the trial on Monday, prosecutors once again made the case that Goodson was responsible for Gray’s well-being as the driver. According to the Washington Post, the state argued that Goodson ran afoul of his duty four times because he did not take Gray to the hospital. According to the AP, there was no mention of a rough ride in the prosecutors’ statements.

That led the defense to compare the state’s shift to a game of “Three Card Monte,” the magic trick where the player can’t find the card.

“They want you to find the black ace,” said Matthew Fraling, Goodson’s lawyer. “The black ace is constantly changing.”





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  1. Notice the day they choose, Thursday. The Orioles play here Tuesday and Wednesday. Their off day is Thursday, then they play here Friday,Saturday, and Sunday. Last year riots were going on as the Orioles played a home game. It was shown on every TV network in America. It’s obvious they don’t want that kind of negative exposure again. Which leads me to believe they know the judge will not find him not guilty of 2nd degree murder. And of course mayor Blake will allow room again for the city of Baltimore to burn to the ground again.

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