The Maryland Zoo on Tuesday celebrated Lola the chimpanzee’s 3rd birthday. Screenshot from video by Maryland Zoo.

Lola the chimpanzee turned 3 years old on Tuesday, and keepers at the Maryland Zoo threw her a birthday party.

Lola and her fellow chimp friends and family noshed on snacks, and their habitat was decorated with a birthday banner and streamers.

Lola was born on July 5, 2019 to parents Bunny and Jack as part of a recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Chimpanzee Species Survival Plan to increase genetic diversity among chimpanzees, promote the species’ long-term survival, and improve the health of individual animals.

Lola’s party included the birthday girl herself; her mother, Bunny; and other chimpanzees, including Raven and her daughter Violet, Louie, Maisie, Rozi, and Asali.

The Maryland Zoo will host a “Wild About Primates Day” event on July 16, where attendees can listen to chats with keepers, learn about conservation, and be introduced to three young chimpanzees.

Watch Lola’s birthday festivities unfold in this video by the Maryland Zoo:

YouTube video

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