Artist Beatrice Glow uses virtual reality technology to create art to later 3D print. Glow’s exhibition “Once the Smoke Clears” is currently on view at the Baltimore Museum of Art through Oct. 2. Screenshot from video by Baltimore Museum of Art.

Virtual reality is providing new tools for creating art.

Look no further than the Baltimore Museum of Art, where artist Beatrice Glow’s exhibition “Once the Smoke Clears” features 3D-printed objects that she sculpted using virtual reality technology.

In this video by the BMA, Glow uses the Gravity Sketch to form the lid and body of a tobacco jar.

Glow also used the Medium program by Adobe to fine-tune the colors and details of a snuff bottle.

After the artwork is 3D printed at The LaGuardia Studio at New York University, Glow hand-paints the snuff bottle.

The “Once the Smoke Clears” exhibition is on view at the BMA through Oct. 2.

“For her first exhibition in a major U.S. museum, Glow delves into the unseen and unsavory sociohistorical and ecological realities underlying the tobacco industry’s veneer of luxury through her digitally printed and embroidered silk textiles, VR-sculpted and 3D-printed objects, watercolors, and scent experiences,” museum officials said.

“While the works initially appear as a celebration of opulence, closer inspection reveals the cascading impacts of colonialism, capitalism, and inequitable trade networks,” they added.

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