Vignarajah picks Sharon Blake, former teacher and union president, as running mate

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Photo via Krish for Maryland

Krish Vignarajah has tapped Sharon Blake, a former teacher and president of the Baltimore Teachers Union, to join her ticket, The Sun reports.

Per reporter Erin Cox, the Vignarajah-Blake campaign is the first all-female ticket since 1994, and the first all-women-of-color ticket in state history. The campaign touted the move for “shattering glass ceilings.”

Vignarajah, a former policy adviser for former first lady Michelle Obama, said in a statement that her campaign will focus on education.

“It’s time for Maryland to make history,” she said. “We have a strong, united vision–a vision for leadership, a vision for public education, and a vision for elevating women and women of color to have a stronger, louder voice at the table and in the political process here in Maryland.”

In her own statement, Blake said leadership must reflect the changes occurring in America.

“But that doesn’t mean we simply replace voices that are already at the table, it means we work together to build bridges and relationships with people of all backgrounds,” she said. “It means we work harder to add a diversity of thought and experience to the table that already exists.”

According to The Sun, Blake retired from education last year after teaching in the city for 40 years at six different schools.

As of this writing, the Vignarajah-Blake ticket had not formally filed on this, the last day to do so.

Brandon Weigel

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