Summer at Friends isn’t on campus this year, but your child can still enjoy many camp favorites from the comfort of home. The Camp Staff has carefully adapted some of their most popular programs to be offered as virtual classes. These Virtual Summer programs are designed with kids in mind, and are scheduled to make it easy for busy parents! Most programs are one hour long and feature a mix of instruction, time to share projects with friends, plus a few activities for children to enjoy throughout the rest of the day! There are plenty of options, and you can mix and match different classes to craft a schedule that is perfect for your child.

“The children have been really enjoying the Virtual Summer programs so far, even though it’s very different from a normal summer…” said Director of Day Camps, Steve Cusick, “we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback. The classes are spread throughout the day so there is still time for the children to do other things away from the computer. Many are taking the opportunity to expand on the projects we’ve done in class.  We just added a variety of new programs for the next few weeks, including a digital photography class and a makers program.”

Newly added programs also include a creative writing class (“Writing with Friends”) and 2 math based classes (“Sports and Stats” and a “Math Tune Up”) that are a great way to keep children thinking while still having fun!

To find out more about Summer at Friends Virtual Summer programs, visit New classes will be added throughout the summer, and programs are priced at $50 per week per class.

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