So, maybe you’re one of those people who can see everything perfectly, all of the time. Maybe. But more likely, you’re part of the 80-90% of the population who will, at some point, need some kind of corrective eyewear. Sorry. Them’s the breaks. The good news, though, is that getting the eyewear you need—affordably, and fashionably—has literally never been easier. Thanks to 1-800-Contacts (who win the prize for most-easy-to-remember-phone-number), you can place orders literally 24/7, get live online help (again, 24/7), and even use the company’s new apps to help you get the contacts you need.

If years of paperwork and doing it the old fashioned way have taught you to expect a tricky process and a long wait for contacts—think again. 1-800-Contacts’ apps make ordering contacts possible from anywhere, any time of day. They’ve even minimized the need to type for those for whom vision problems make it difficult. With their new app, you can simply scan your contact lens box or upload a picture of your prescription to get your contacts shipped super fast. You can find an eye doctor via the app’s GPS. You can pay via a scanned credit card or PayPal (again, no typing!).  And the site saves all your information so that when it’s time to reorder, the process is even faster. Contacts not your thing? Just slide over to—where else?—their sister site, of course sells all-things-glasses, including sunglasses and designer styles. And in keeping with the times, has also unveiled a super-cool app that allows you to virtually try on as many pairs as you want. It’s 3D, so you get as realistic a virtual try on as possible, rather than wondering how the paper-doll version of yourself would look in glasses. The site carries perennially popular brands (Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, Burberry, Michael Kors…must we go on?), as well as both trendy and classic styles. So if you’re looking for the season’s hot new frames, you’ll certainly find them here. Large, dark “geek chic” frames are in for both men and women. Old-school, cat-eye shapes are also coming back in a big way—but really just for the ladies. Of course, there’s still nothing more classic than the unadorned human face; which, thanks to 1-800-Contacts’ awesome new apps and user-friendly site, has never been easier to show off.

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