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Photo by Annie Liebovitz via Vogue
Photo by Annie Liebovitz via Vogue

It’s not every day that a city prosecutor gets photographed by Annie Liebovitz and profiled in Vogue. But if you open up this month’s issue of the fancy fashion magazine, you’ll find a glowing profile of Baltimore state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby.

In the profile, Mosby discusses her surprising rise to national prominence after the death of Freddie Gray in police custody, and her office’s swift decision to bring charges against all six officers involved. Writer Heidi Mitchell describes Mosby as “straight-backed, concise, a portrait of self-control.” Because this is a Vogue profile, we get details about Mosby’s makeup (she isn’t wearing any) and her clothes (her husband buys them for her because she doesn’t have the patience for shopping).

But the story also talks about Mosby’s youth including her time as the only black student in her high school and her teenage cousin’s shooting death. And, of course we get to hear about Prince: “I’m a fan,” Mosby said. “Prince hadn’t been to Baltimore for fourteen years. He called me onstage, and what am I going to do, say no?”

In recent weeks, Mosby has become a lightning rod of controversy. This profile is a good reminder that she’s a hard-working woman who found herself unexpectedly thrown into the spotlight–and is handling the situation with a whole lot of poise.

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  1. I guess she needs to come across as tough. Having said that, she is turning off a number of people with her lack of understanding toward both sides of the situation. A smile in this picture might have done wonders.

  2. absolutely disgusting…

    Her abuse of power is terrible.

    Baltimore has not seen anything yet – when these cops are found not guilty Baltimore will be burned to the ground – which is sad…

    I love Baltimore and for more turmoil to happen may drive me and others out of here.

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