Watch Out, Nike– Under Armour Is Coming for You!

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Last year, Under Armour passed Adidas and became the second most popular athletic wear company in the world. Number one, of course, was the unassailable Nike, which had a lockdown on 31% of the sportswear market in 2014. Facing a dominant company like that, Under Armour could easily just be content with their #2 spot. Who would blame them? But Under Armour doesn’t appear to be content with second place.

This week, the Baltimore-based company announced that it had poached–sorry, hired— a former Nike exec to run its shoe department. This is a crucial move for Under Armour, since Nike’s dominance is largely based on its shoe sales. Last year, the company controlled nearly half of the market for athletic shoes, while UA had a measly 3% market share. Clearly, in order to give Nike a run (get it?!) for their money, Under Armour is going to have to get very serious about shoes. And this new hire seems to indicate that they’re doing just that.

What do you think, readers? Will Under Armour be able to pull it off, or are Nikes so dominant in the shoe category that no one will ever be able to unseat them?


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  1. It is a herculean task to unseat Nike in shoe sales. Everywhere I go, I see people wearing Nikes. It will be very interesting to see what happens.

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