The folks behind Remington Row, the major new development that will take over the 2700 block of Remington Avenue, have just released detailed images of what the proposed retail/apartment/office building will look like. And… I’m kind of into it!

Remington Row will be anchored by Johns Hopkins Community Physicians; it will also include unspecified retail, office space, and 108 apartments. For those of you who are getting nervous about your precious Remington street parking, rest assured that the building will also feature an underground garage.


The renderings look pretty classy, though they’re quite a departure from the current character of the neighborhood. I’m calling it now: Within a decade, Charles Village, Remington, and Station North will have all fused into one massive neighborhood, with Johns Hopkins at its center.

3 replies on “We Finally Got Images of Remington Row, and it Looks… Pretty Good!”

  1. Parking in Remington is not currently bad nor precious. If you can’t walk a block (at most) to your car, then you probably need to be walking more when you’re not in your car. I would be very happy if parking was the biggest problem that plagued Remington.

    1. I agree with you! We now have permit parking on Remington Avenue next to the project. Everything will be fine, plus the neighbors fully support this project!

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