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from our friends, 2 Health Nuts:

Phew, the Holiday hustle has started to settle down…we hope all of you had a fabulous, festive season with family, friends, and loved ones. The “2 Health Nuts & a Mom” wish all of our followers, near and far, a very Happy, Healthy New Year.

This post is one we have been waiting (patiently) to blog about. We thought it would be fun to share once everyone returned to their “normal” schedules and routine. Side note: what defines “normal” anymore? 🙂

The inspiration for this gift, actually, took place last Summer/Fall of 2014. This year, we decided to choose names for our gift giving (extended family), with the caveat that we would still purchase gifts for the parents/grandparents. Our first thought:

“Okay, what do we give two, extremely young and hip, eighty year old’s who have everything and, essentially, are downsizing?”

The more we sipped on our favorite Old Westminster Wine, and prepared dinner with some of our favorite accoutrements, the wheels starting turning…

“Why don’t we put together some of our favorite products and create a super stylish, and healthy, gift basket?”

Genius! Ladies and gentleman, “Wear It or Eat It” was born! 🙂 With a little snooping – some things were desperately needed (hello, new aprons for Eggs and Bacon Sunday) – we designed this “swag” gift with a lot of love, a lot of sampling (hehe) and, most importantly, a lot of fun!

We hope you enjoy! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions on where to purchase the products. There are links, and blurbs, provided for each. Remember, this goes beyond Christmas…put together your own “Wear It or Eat It” gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, Just Because, etc! Sky’s the limit! All we ask is, if you do, please send us pictures! 🙂unnamed-1


1. Green & Yellow Nordstrom Coffee Mugs – http://www.nordstrom.com; for those who know us, you know our love affair with Nordstrom! Not only are these so fun, but they can house a generous cup of java or tea.

2. JimmyBar! Natural Foods – all natural energy bars that are clean, gluten free, less than 200 calories, and perfect as a snack in between meals. With 4 varieities to choose from (2 of which are vegan-friendly), these will please most taste buds. We enjoy as a pre-post workout snack; pairs perfectly with a piping hot coffee or tea! The “2 Health Nuts” are the MD distributors of these bars…contact us for more information or if you would like to sample!

3.. Michele’s All Natural Granola – http://www.michelesgranola.com; a fun treat, this local establishment has many varieties to choose from! While we included our favorite, good ‘ole original, there are many seasonal ones to try! These can be found in, most, local grocery stores.

4. Crimson Cup – http://www.crimsoncup.com; by “mistake,” we stumbled upon this gem of a coffee company. Based in Ohio, their fabulous beans (you can purchase organic too) make this a sure pick-me up for the coffee lover. If you prefer not to hassle with setting up an account, have not fear, the “2 Health Nuts” are here! 🙂 We are, happy, to assist you!

*Note: One of our favorite coffee companies, Dutch Bros, established in Oregon, ships their heavenly roast and is now producing K-Cups! Woo hoo! Check them out…www.dutchbros.com.

5. Fun, Printed Aprons & Dishtowels – purchased at Stebbins & Williams Sonoma, this was part of our “snooping.” The ‘rents were in desperate need of new aprons. Let’s be honest, how exciting is it to purchase these items on your own? With so many prints and patterns (solids are just awesome too) to choose from, you can, once again, getting excited about cooking!

6. Haute Mess Kitchen – http://www.hautemesskitchen.com; another local company, we blogged about these awesome products before! All natural & clean, these spices and sauces will take your meal from “blah” to “bam!”

7. En Olivier Olive Oils & Balsamics – http://www.enolivier.com; located in Bare Hills, we are absolutely smitten with this small business. Beyond the popularity and trend of fancy oils and balsamics, the selection and hospitality at this establishment is just fabulous! We have SO MANY we like, we would be here all day writing. Our recommendation, carve out an hour to go, sample, and put together your own blends. Trust us, an hour will, still, not feel like enough time!

8. Hank Sauce – http://www.hanksauce.com; if you are looking to “spice” up your next meal, or add some “hots” to your (healthy) Bloody Mary, check out this hip brand. Owned by our close friend’s son and his college roommates friends, Hank Sauce is a great pantry addition and even a fun hostess gift (the label is so funky too).

9. Braswell’s Dressing, Preserves, & Condiments – http://www.braswells.com; the “2 Health Nuts” discovered this one two years ago at a natural food expo they attended. Place in cute, reusuable jars, the mustards, in particular, are top notch. With lots of varieties to choose from, Braswell’s is the, ultimate, “high-end” specialty foods company.

*Note: The next time you are perusing HomeGoods, take a peek down their specialty foods aisle. You will, occasionally, find them and a really great price. In fact, you will be amazed at some of the products you can purchase!

10. Old Westminster Wine (Trio) – check out our previous blog post on our favorite, local winery!

11. Napkin Holder – there is just something about a decorative napkin holder on your table and counter that jazzes up your white dinner napkins! If you want a little pizazz, treat yourself to decorative napkins to use everyday or on special occassions (we purchased Holiday ones for the basket).

12. Fun Cocktail Napkins – who doesn’t love a cute joke or riddle while sipping their cocktails or mocktails?

13. Cableknit Rectangular Basket and Ribbon – Michael’s! We spent a lot of time searching and perusing this store; cute (and inexpensive) when looking to make the ultimate presentation. **Mesh around basket was from “The Christmas Tree Shoppe” in New Jersey. There are many locations along the East Coast. If you have not been, go…immediately!

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