Week in Review: 10 Baltimore Stories You Might’ve Missed

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station_north-1_north_avenue_998_624_s_c1_c_c_yTravel writers may be confused, but we know the map of Baltimore. It’s the Week in Review for March 6-13.

You’ve heard endless talk about gentrification in Baltimore. Now there’s a map that shows where it happened.

Outside the city, another kind of specter haunts us at Hell House.

In Station North, renovations were completed on a new restaurant and event space.

There’s also a new overhead view of the city from a webcam. See the ledge where peregrine falcons nest.

What’s going on with travel listicle writers? First, they left out the book shops. Then, they dropped us on the quirky list.

Why did Breaking Bad strike such a cord? Because it could happen anywhere. Even Towson.

In the market for a piece of neighborhood grocery past? Check out this corner store in Canton.

Want to connect with the local fresh food present? Check out this profile of Nalley Fresh.

Now that he’s about to run for president, Ben Carson didn’t escape his latest controversy without coming in for some SNL parody.

It’s free agency season in the NFL, which means fans are forced to say goodbye to some of their favorites. In Baltimore, we had to bid adieu to Torrey Smith and Haloti Ngata. At least Justin Forsett is sticking around.





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