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The Week in Review: Bringing Home the Beard, Dreaming of Cuba



Open wide: It’s the Week in Review for May 1-8, 2015.

Week in Review: O’Malley’s Tune, Best Bacon Egg & Cheese and Mega-Yachts



Summer days seem closer, and everyone started making their plans. It’s the Week in Review for April 10-17.

Week in Review: 10 Baltimore Stories You Might’ve Missed


station_north-1_north_avenue_998_624_s_c1_c_c_yTravel writers may be confused, but we know the map of Baltimore. It’s the Week in Review for March 6-13.

The Week in Review: Lighting the Way to 2015

lights1With the solstice nearly upon us, there’s about as much time left in 2014 as there is daylight. Amid the mad dash to get everything done before the holidays and the new year, things like Johns Hopkins rejection letters and campaigns staffers are getting left by the wayside. It’s the Week in Review for Dec. 12-19.

The Week in Review: Chris Rock Visits, Serial Soars Again

Chris Rock
Chris Rock eating lunch with contest winners at Cafe Hon, Via Whosay.com

A celebrity sighting turned into Steeler bashing, a light display turned into a real estate indicator and Serial made amateur detectives out of all of us. It’s the Week in Review for Dec. 6-12, 2014.

The Week in Review: Both Sides, Now

With the holidays here, we know there’s plenty of local spots to check out. But to the outside, the reviews on Baltimore are as mixed as ever.

Week in Review: Molly Shattuck, Election Upset, Spiders Top Headlines


Molly ShattuckFrom a shock indictment to a shock election upset, there was plenty of news to go around this week. It’s the Week in Review for Nov. 1-7, 2014:

Week in Review: Top Posts From Baltimore Fishbowl, Oct. 10-17

baltboxThis week, Maryland’s medical facilities got directly involved in Ebola treatment, slices of Baltimore culture were exported around the country, and local food and drink spots were scenes of intricate crime plots, both real and imagined. It’s the Week in Review for Oct. 10-17:

Week in Review: Top Posts This Week From Baltimore Fishbowl


John Oliver Reads Helmand's Bad Yelp Reviews on Television

From John Oliver to SNL, and Michael Phelps to marijuana laws, Baltimore once again found herself “on the map” this week. Here’s the Week in Review for Sept. 28-Oct. 3, 2014: