The Week in Review: Chris Rock Visits, Serial Soars Again

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Chris Rock
Chris Rock eating lunch with contest winners at Cafe Hon, Via

A celebrity sighting turned into Steeler bashing, a light display turned into a real estate indicator and Serial made amateur detectives out of all of us. It’s the Week in Review for Dec. 6-12, 2014.

Chris Rock was in town, and he made his carefully considered celebrity visit to a local joint at Cafe Hon. He further ingratiated himself to the locals by making fun of the Steelers. It’s okay if that was a ploy, because the joke was funny. In other much-loved local joints news, Iggies announced an ownership and building switcheroo. But don’t worry, nothing changed in Mt. Vernon. Speaking of Mt. Vernon spots about to change hands, we also found this carriage house that’s on the market.

Hampden is used to bright lights this time of year. The light display goes on, but the Wall Street Journal dimmed some bulbs when they reported on how it’s driving up real estate prices and electricity bills. We assume they also want to talk to everyone about how company Christmas parties are very expensive.

As it winds toward the conclusion, Serial continues to be the most popular podcast of all time. Reporter Sarah Koenig snagged a Stephen Colbert interview for her fame, and other journalists looked for their own clues by digging into the Baltimore back story. Meanwhile, in current Baltimore crime news, a woman took her fight against BPD public after she was beaten while videotaping cops. In current Baltimore teen crime news, a kid gave his teacher a pot brownie and got caught because it made her sick.

If you’d rather read than podcast between holiday prep this weekend, we’ve got plenty of options. Elizabeth Heubeck has a pair of takes about kids who want their parents close and kids who leave China to go to private school in Baltimore. Staying with the family theme, Gay Jervey turns inward for a look at his mother’s friendship with a writer who became his honorary godmother.


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