If you’re not building bigger buildings and moving into new neighborhoods, you’re not one of Baltimore’s anchor institutions. It’s the Week in Review for March 1-6.

Think Under Armour’s campus is cool now? They’re planning to build an even bigger headquarters on nearby land in Port Covington. You might think Nike is the main comparison point, but one must never give the enemy the respect of uttering their name. So, Kevin Plank is comparing it to Google HQ.

Not to be outdone, Baltimore’s northern anchor of Johns Hopkins University is planting their flag in a new Remington development.
For the rest of us looking to put down roots and flourish in the city, Live Baltimore has a new guide called Way to Stay.
Listicles continue to struggle to define Baltimore. Last week, it was one of the poorest cities. This week, it’s among the richest.
A program run by Bard College that helps students get ready for higher ed has had success across the U.S. Now it’s coming to Baltimore.
Marion Winik’s latest must-read is called “Miracles for Aging Hair and Skin.” If that’s enough to get you interested, here’s a key quote: “I would never con a senior.”
Before Ashraf Ghani became President of Afghanistan, he lived in Roland Park. The house on the market, so Cynthia McIntyre paid a visit.
Barbara Mikulski’s retirement was the big political news of the week. While the Democrats scrambled for position in the race to replace her, Ben Carson talked about gay people and prison in the same sentence. As you might expect, it ended with an apology.
Amy Langrehr caught up with Chef John Shields of Gertrude’s to talk about his grandmother, and his favorite Baltimore spots.

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.