Week in Review: Of Baseball, Buses and Buildings

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Charm-City-Circulator-bus-01This week, Oriole fever gave way briefly to allow restaurants and real estate to take the spotlight. Here’s the Week in Review:

The local restaurant community had a roller coaster week. The city’s food service specialists found themselves in the spotlight as USA Today pulled up a chair at local eateries. By week’s end, however, the service industry was met with news of the loss of Claudia Parodi, a beloved employee of Pazo, to a murder in Fells Point. As of Friday afternoon, police have yet to develop suspects in the case.

Over on the block, there’s plenty of real estate happenings to check out. From a plantation (with liquor license!) to a warehouse loft for artists after they’ve made it, Hot Houses abound for potential weekend viewing. For those who like shopping, there was also news of new developments in Canton and downtown that will offer retail with their residences. Even Whole Foods is getting in on the land grab.

Speaking of moving, a transit debate is underway in town as the City Council proposes charging a fee for the Charm City Circulator. Rachel Monroe weighed in with an emphatic plea to keep the service free. Commenters, however, were split in their opinion, indicating the Council could be in for a long slog.

The ALCS begins tonight, marking Baltimore’s first taste of baseball since last weekend. Even without any games this week, however, there was plenty of Orioles madness in the air. Tickets were hard to find, but passionate fans were everywhere. One teen super fan stood, however, as he was propelled to a contest win by a love of the game, and an apparent ability to see the future. In a video made over the summer, he recreated a magic Orioles catch that took away a home run from none other than the Kansas City Royals. Here’s hoping it’s a sign of things to come over the next week.

And, if baseball doesn’t fill your weekend, reading is always an alternative we also support. Local writer Holly Morse-Ellington’s latest tale is barking up the right tree.


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