via Graham Coreil-Allen on Flickr
via Graham Coreil-Allen on Flickr

On Friday afternoon, Nathaniel Smith was walking along the 800 block of Belvedere Avenue near Belvedere Square when he was hit by a car. Several hours later, a different vehicle collided with two pedestrians in Charles Village, near 34th Street and St. Paul Avenue.

There were some significant differences between the two incidents. In the first, the driver stayed on the scene; in the second, he fled. And sadly, the first incident resulted in Smith’s death, while the Charles Village collision resulted in minor injuries to an unidentified man and woman.

Baltimore averages around 700 pedestrian-car collisions per year; usually around 100 of those are fatal. A recent Johns Hopkins campaign has been trying to lower those numbers–something that’s particularly needed, as the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus seems to be a locus for pedestrian accidents. Stay safe out there, readers–and remember to look both ways.

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