Weekly Wellness Tip by Fit For You – A Hop, Skip and a Jump

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A Hop, Skip and a Jump

Plyometrics, also known as jump training, work our fast-twitch muscle fibers. Athletes use these muscles to sprint, “normal” people use them in daily life running up and down the stairs or even gardening.

When performing a plyometric exercise, your hands and feet spend as little time on the ground as possible.

Plyometrics can be a fun alternative to your regular strength training workout. Here are a few easy plyometric exercises to try:

Skipping – skip across the room bringing your left arm up in the air as you bring your right knee up to your chest and then alternate trying to get as high as you can. Skipping works your quads, glutes, calves and core.

Fall Push-Up – start on your knees with your back straight and your arms reaching out in front of you as if you were doing a push-up. Fall forward, keeping your elbows slightly bent as your hands hit the ground in a push-up position. Push yourself back up into a starting position and then repeat 5 times. This exercise works your pecs, triceps, anterior deltoids and core.

Squat Jump – start by doing a squat, then engage your core and jump as high as you can. As you jump up, your arms should swing overhead. Land in a squat position letting your arms swing behind your body. Repeat 10 to 15 times. Squat jumps engage the upper body, legs and core.

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Recipe of the Week:

This vegetarian dish of Penne with Asparagus, Pistachios, and Mint clocks in at 15 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber – you won’t even miss the meat.

Quote of the Week:

“Everyone is screwed up, broken, clingy, and scared, even the people who seem to have it more or less together. They are more like you than would believe. So try not to compare your insides to their outsides.

–       Anne Lamott






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