Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has declared his favorite for the 2016 presidential race–and, to be honest, his choice is a little odd.

Last month, Hogan officially endorsed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for the nation’s top job, and today he’ll be putting his (and other people’s) money where his mouth is by hosting a fundraiser for Christie at an Annapolis hotel. Christie is currently polling around 10th place among the crowded field of Republican presidential wannabes, well behind current frontrunner Donald Trump, fellow Marylander Ben Carson, and that guy most of us have never heard of, John Kasich. According to the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, Christie isn’t a real contender in the race, and his support among both the general public and Republicans is “weak.”

So why is Hogan betting on Christie? Is it just the mutual respect of two Republicans leading largely Democratic states? Or is it because they kind of look alike?

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  1. I respect Hogan for his loyalty, it’s certainly not an O’Malley concept.By the way it’s more accurate to describe Maryland as an increasingly Independent State, sorry if that goes against the rules you were taught in College

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