What, No Tiger? Police Find Alligators at Drug Bust in West Baltimore

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A trend seems to forming in which Baltimore police get more than they bargained for at drug busts in West Baltimore. On Wednesday, the BPD  uncovered a massive dog fighting ring orchestrated between a home on West Lafayette Avenue and one on North Fulton Avenue while looking for illegal drugs.

The day after, police raided a second-floor apartment on McCulloh Street only to find a pit bull, a turtle, and three alligators. No joke.

The questions this raises! Were the alligators litter-box trained? If not, did the owners have to walk them outside? (It’s a second-floor apartment, remember?) Did that turtle spend every waking moment in fear?

Justin Fenton of the Baltimore Sun says two men were charged “with drug offenses and counts related to importing an alligator into the state.

Well, I hope they know a damn good importing-an-alligator-into-the-state lawyer.


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