Kaitlin McCormick in Locust Point

Courtesy Bmore Media – Fells Point residents want to let their dogs off the leash. Locust Point lacks a full-service bakery. Bolton Hill residents hope to one day walk to a grocer.

Baltimore City’s neighborhoods are continually evolving, and, after years of recession, development is picking up speed. New restaurants line downtown’s Pratt Street and South Baltimore is now home to upscale grocer Harris Teeter.

But there are still businesses and services lacking—and residents who long for them.

Some requests are far-reaching, while others are in the works. Whether it’s a large retailer or a neighborhood mom-and-pop shop, Baltimore City residents agree on one necessary factor—convenience.

Where’s the bakery?

“I miss Simon’s,” laments Locust Point resident, Kaitlin McCormick, referring to the “hole-in-the-wall” Cockeysville bakery that she frequented while living in Baltimore County. “On a Sunday morning, I want a warm cinnamon bun or and apple Danish or maybe even a raspberry kuchen. The grocery store just doesn’t cut it.”

The now-shuttered Caroline’s Cupcakery and Harvest Table seem like possible bakery locales. An Under Armour representative says that it has not been determined how Harvest Table’s space will be used as the organization expands.

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  1. bakery? she should have lived in locust point 10 years or even 5 years ago. there was nothing there.

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