Why Under Amour is Calling a Former Sam’s Club ‘Building 37’

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Outside Building 37 (courtesy Under Armour)
Outside Building 37 (courtesy Under Armour)

When Under Armour shareholders met for their annual meeting last week, they gathered at a place in south Baltimore called Building 37.

It was the first shareholders’ meeting since Under Armour completed work on Building 37, and the sportswear maker wanted to show it off.

Building 37 is an old Sam’s Club store in Port Covington that Under Armour converted to offices for several of its divisions, including financial and accounting, IT, legal and corporate real estate. It’s the first building completed and occupied on Under Armour’s “global headquarters” campus in Port Covington.

But why 37?

A sign in the entrance lobby explains the significance of the name and number.


That’s the style number of the original Under Armour Compression T…actually a half-shirt that fit perfectly under pads, wicked sweat, and kept athletes cool, dry and light. It’s a number that literally changed the way athletes dress.

“37” was special for another reason: It was Under Armour Founder Kevin Plank’s number when he played for the University of Maryland football team. It was there, in College Park, that KP had the idea for the moisture-wicking, tight-fitting T-shirt.

He knew there had to be something better than the cotton T-shirts that slowed down his team…and he was going to find a way to create that new innovation. This attitude, combined with a relentless entrepreneurial spirit, gave us the 0037.

Building 37 is the heartbeat of our home at Port Covington. It represents everything we stand for today, tomorrow – forever. It’s passion, design, innovation…all wrapped up into one.

This is way more than just a number.

Ed Gunts

Ed Gunts is a local freelance writer and the former architecture critic for The Baltimore Sun.
Ed Gunts

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