What’s New With 2 Health Nuts & A Kale-Brussel Sprout Hybrid Superfood? What!

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from our friends – 2 Health Nuts

Lot’s happening for the “2 Health Nuts;” yes, while we have been quiet on Facebook its only because we are “behind the scenes” gearing up for a FABULOUS couple of months. Looking for a sneak peek? Hmm, while our lips are sealed for right now, here is a little showcase of what we have been testing out in the kitchen…this is our “throwback” to this past week!

– Hummus, hummus, and more hummus! Trying out some new varieties (by curiosity and request). These have been in quite the demand…let us know if you want to get in on the action.

*On a side note, Spring will be the launch of our “2 Health Nuts” official “website.” Product ordering such as Jimmy Bars!, Hummus, and a few other surprises (we are so excited) will be available to you as well! Look for more information in the coming weeks.

– So, what else has been whipped up? Roasted Salmon with Ghee Butter & Tuscan Herbs, preceded with a Spanish Chicken & Potato Roast. Delish! Some more recipes being “challenged” by the Health Nuts this weekend. We will make sure to keep you “posted.”


If you loved the movie, “When Harry Met Sally,” we encourage you to read this article, “When Kale Meets Brussels Sprouts.” Many of our clients are still trying to find their LOVE for these two “superfoods.” According to “Clean Plates,” and our palates, these are the “IT” vegetables this season. We think so but now it is about making all of our followers believers too!





Dearly beloved readers, we are gathered here today to witness the union of kale and Brussels sprouts in holy matrimony. Into the cruciferous kingdom these two wonderful vegetables come now to be joined in hybridization, to be henceforth known as “kalettes” and we will all get to eat happily ever after.  Click to view more.


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