Where, When, Why & How to Eat Maryland Crabs

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steamed crabs

Happy crab season, everyone! In honor of every Marylander’s favorite food, Eater just published a massive round-up of everything you could ever want to know about crabs.If you don’t have time to slog through the whole in-depth thing, here are the crucial takeaways — which should probably be familiar to you anyway, if you’ve eaten crabs in Maryland:

  • Steam your crabs, don’t boil them. That’s how you keep your crab meat moist but not wet.
  • Blue crabs are the best–and half of the world’s blue crabs come from Maryland waters.
  • Larger, West Coast crabs are easier to eat… but they lack the delicate texture and flavor of the blue crab. The blue crab can credit to its superiority for complicated biological reasons that have to do with hibernation–but there’s some real science behind it.
  • One way to tell if a crab is from Maryland is to look at the mustard. Maryland crabs have a dark yellow mustard–or you could just ask.
  • Crab season runs from April through December, but the crabs you get at the beginning and end of the season might not come from Maryland. The best time to eat Maryland crabs is September and October, when you can get the biggest crabs for the lowest prices.
  • How do you eat them? Messily.
  • Where do you eat crabs? On a big table in your own back yard, of course.

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