…outlet mall!

That’s right. If you’ve driven around White Marsh lately — or perhaps around and around and around as you try to figure out exactly where you’re supposed to turn for the Ikea parking lot — you’ve probably noticed the almost embarrassing paucity of shopping options.

Well, that’s all going to change once Paragon Outlets opens its 300,000 (but eventually 500,000) square-foot mall near the intersection of I-95 and Route 43. Construction is scheduled to begin soon, and the opening is penciled in for 2015. No info on brands yet.

So what do you say? How would you divvy up all that square footage?

8 replies on “White Marsh Is Getting a New… Wait for It…”

  1. BFD More trees cut down. More wildlife displaced. More traffic. More crime, etc., etc. Do we really need them? Our awesome politicians hard at work destroying our future environment again. I guess the children of tomorrow will have to be asphalt friendly…

    1. The area is on 43 crossroads. It’s already clear and several buildings have been occupied already. Not outlets but local business.

    2. I guess you have no wood products in your house. If you want wildlife, go to the million and millions of acres left untouched in this country.

  2. I drive 43 all the time &love the freedom it gives me from traffic however that will change with this. I know the buildings are there for it already. But they just keep tearing down teres &building up pollution Joe c. It’s not Scott the “millions left” it’s about how eventually they WON’T be left. Because we have torn down nature’s homes to the wildlife, at least once or twice a week there is yet another dead deer on the side of the road from getting hit because there is now a road through the middle of what used to be their home. Now since you’re so insensitive to wildlife, how about the people in the vehicle that collided with the deer? They don’t always make it out either. They really don’t know what to do with that area. .. Can’t just let will enough alone, 1st the road, then a few buildings, royal farms, more buildings &business parks right across from new $2000 rental apartments , all in walling distance or brand new million dollar homes being built. Just too much. Shopping center, business park, Apartments, houses, all crammed together in one spot. Smh. I used to enjoy the beauty & simplicity of the drive on 43 but like everything else in this world’s that too is sadly being ruined.

  3. Totally sucks! Already too congested! I hate going to white marsh now. If I wanted to live in the CITY id move there! Stop building! I grew up in perry hall when it was all farm land. I lived in the middle of no where on a dirt road. Its a shame what its become!

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