A Whole Different Kind of Snowball, Hon

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This is Baltimore. We are a traditional town. The classic summer treat in Charm City is the snowball. Not snow cone, not shaved ice, not anything else. My fave of all is egg custard flavored topped with marshmallow sauce. (See above…) To me, it is perfect.

However, (big HOWEVER) yesterday I had the chance to check out a new kid in town, Fresh Bites Snow Domes. Super duper fresh, in-season, organic ingredients in a light, icy treat. The flavors are kinda fancy pants (grown up…but not boozy) like, Concord grape with French thyme, apple pie with Mouth Party caramel sauce, whipped cream and graham cookie, pink grapefruit and mint, strawberry hibiscus and more.

Photo by Kenilworth Farmers Market

Check out their website – they’ll bring their truck to you!


Amy Langrehr

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