Why Heroin Is Suddenly So Popular in Maryland’s Largest Beach Resort

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Why has Ocean City seen a 550 percent increase in the number of heroin cases this year, culminating in a drug bust seizing more than 100 bags of heroin and indicting “more than 20 people on felony drug charges?” Well, Ocean City police would have you believe they are simply victims of their own success. That is to say, they’ve done such a great job cracking down on prescription drug abuse, that addicts have turned, en masse, to heroin.

So, now OCPD have shifted focus to the illicit opiate, initiating a large-scale investigation (called “Operation Smackdown,” natch) in which undercover agents made a series of drug transactions and arrested a boatload of people.

The question is, with the heroin trade curtailed, what will Ocean City’s addicts turn to next? Caffeine? Gambling? Long-distance running (it happens)? We’ll see.

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