Will an Arcade Bring New Life to the Rotunda?

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While it’s still unclear who will end up taking over the vacant grocery store spot in the Rotunda, there is some news for the struggling shopping center:  a 25-game “family-oriented” arcade is set to open there within the next month. And who needs groceries when you’ve got skee ball?

For a little while there, the arcade’s progress seemed dicey. The Roland Park Civic League wasn’t sure whether pinball set the right tone. “I would like to find a way to use this space but not for that use,” said the League’s president, Phil Spevak, who worried that an arcade might attract  teenagers who would hang out at the struggling mall.

But lingering teenagers must’ve sounded better than the weird ghostly echoes that you hear walking around the Rotunda these days, and after a series of meetings and discussions, the Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals approved the plans with no objections, and with the unanimous support of the Hampden Community Council. The arcade will be run by Ira Miller, who also owns the four-screen Rotunda Cinemas.

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