Will Organ Manufacturing Be Our New Big Industry?

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A lot of people have floated a lot of ideas about how the biomedical industry might transform the state of Maryland– but this might be the strangest one I’ve heard yet.

According to the Baltimore Business Journal, a Silver Spring-based company, United Therapeutics, thinks that Maryland will be a hub for organ manufacturing, an experimental technology that involves using technology to create man-made versions of human organs.

So far, United Therapeutics has focused its efforts on “harvesting genetically-modified pig lungs for use in humans,” the BBJ reports. The company is also exploring an expansion into other organs, such as kidneys and hearts, with the goal of using pigs to grow 100,000 such organs each year. “These things people thought were not manufacturable are manufacturable,” CEO Martine Rothblatt (a fascinating person even apart from this extremely sci-fi — and apparently very plausible — idea) told the Tech Council of Maryland this week.

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