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After Post-Trump Election Uptick in Hate Crimes, Frosh Launches Hotline

"WHITES ONLY," written on a church's sign in Silver Spring. Courtesy Episcopal Diocese of Washington.
“WHITES ONLY,” written on a church’s sign in Silver Spring. Courtesy Episcopal Diocese of Washington.

Thanks to an increase in hate-fueled crimes and bias incidents following Donald Trump’s election as president, Maryland now has its very own hate crime hotline.

This Is the Sorriest Bus Stop in America



The transportation-minded folks over at Streetsblog USA have named their 2016 Worst Bus Stop in America, and — well, I have to agree. This looks like a bad decision all around.

Will Organ Manufacturing Be Our New Big Industry?



A lot of people have floated a lot of ideas about how the biomedical industry might transform the state of Maryland– but this might be the strangest one I’ve heard yet.

Maryland Parents Investigated for Letting Children Walk Alone

Photo via Pinterest
Photo via Pinterest

Montgomery County Child Protective Services visited the Meitiv family home in Silver Spring a few days before Christmas. They were worried about the family’s two children, a 10-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl. The problem? The children had been seen walking home from the park unaccompanied by an adult.

Silver Spring Woman “Narrowly Escaped the Gunfire” at Kenyan Mall Terrorist Attack



You know you live in a global society when a brutal terrorist attack and hostage situation in a Kenyan shopping mall endangers a Marylander. In Kenya on a business trip, Sara Head of Silver Spring was at the mall when the shooting — which killed at least 60 — broke out.