Silver Spring Woman “Narrowly Escaped the Gunfire” at Kenyan Mall Terrorist Attack

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You know you live in a global society when a brutal terrorist attack and hostage situation in a Kenyan shopping mall endangers a Marylander. In Kenya on a business trip, Sara Head of Silver Spring was at the mall when the shooting — which killed at least 60 — broke out.

“There was quite a bit of gunshots initially. After that, we didn’t hear any for a while and people began to calm down. It got quite hot,” she said.

This attack also comes home for Kenyan expatriates living in Maryland. WJZ-TV spoke with Karanja Mwaura of Parkville, a computer trainer who left Kenya for the United States 20 years ago. “Terrorism has no place anywhere,” he said.

Yes, particularly when terrorism anywhere affects people everywhere.



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