Will the Recher Lose its Liquor License After Last Week’s Towson Riot?

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As we reported last week, a recent frat event hosted by Towson’s Recher Theatre got out of hand — to say the least — resulting in pepper spray, police dogs, and one shooting. As a result, the Towson venue has been called before the Baltimore County Liquor Board to determine whether it’ll lose its liquor license as a result.
The Recher Theatre is a popular venue open since 1999 that I, personally, have never ever felt the need to go into. It has a beer-y, college vibe that you can sense from the sidewalk; it also plays host to all sorts of touring hardcore/post-hardcore/indie/folk bands. (Upcoming shows include Kreayshawn, and some dude who was in Sublime once.) Such a venue would be hard-pressed to survive without a liquor license; the hearing, scheduled for October 29, will determine whether the license is suspended, revoked, or maintained.

The question at hand is how much the venue contributed to the 2,500-strong crowd that took over Towson Circle for a few hours after Towson University’s homecoming game. The Recher claims that it closed its doors once it reached capacity; the police allege that the venue did a miserable job of managing how many people were invited to the event, and of managing the crowd before things got dangerous.

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